Warrington DMC PCA Events – 30th April, 21st May, 2017.






A copy of these regulations is also available on-line at www.anwcc.org


This is a non spectator event and venue!


People are welcome to come along and help marshal if they wish

This new event is aimed at cheap, fun motorsport on a loose gravel surface.

Standard cars, with a little protection for those drivers that wish to use the

right foot is advised (Sump and Tank Guards). Road rally cars and smaller

powered stage cars are also welcome. All drivers will be allocated into three

groups, a car may be entered up to three times and a passenger to help

navigate the course is required. With three test sites planned and several runs

at each site, the team hope that you will get good value for money from this

new venture. The order will be Drive, Marshal and Rest depending on which

group you are in. The Entry fee is £40 per driver and a maximum of 45 cars can

be accommodated.

These events are being put together by Warrington DMC and Wallasey MC with

support from Clitheroe DMC, Accrington MSC, The Under 17 Motor Club North

West, and Boundless by CSMA, We are also open to other clubs joining the

team to run these types of events at the venue. Please contact Steve Ellison

(Warrington DMC) at rallyescort@hotmail.co.uk

Whilst Production Car Autotest (PCA) drivers may drive from 14 years old, this

venue should only be considered by drivers with all the car control skills to

drive safely, 5 mph in paddock and roads in the venue.

1. Warrington DMC will organise a Clubman, Production Car Autotest Sunday 30th April & 21st May at Wern

Ddu quarry (disused) Near Gwyddelwern, Corwen LL21 9SD off the A494

2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association Ltd

(incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary

Regulations and any written instructions the promoting club may issue for the event.

3. Permits

MSA Clubmans Permit No. 99617 has been issued for the event on Sunday 30th April 2017

MSA Clubmans Permit No. 99618 has been issued for the event on Sunday 21st May 2017

Warrington DMC PCA Events – 30th April, 21st May, 2017.


The Clubman event is open by initial invitation to Wallasey MC, Clitheroe DMC, Accrington Motor Sport

Club, Under 17 Motor Club-North West, Formula 1000 Rally Club and Boundless by CSMA. Entry is also

open to members of other MSA registered clubs to a total of 15 clubs, allocated on first come first served

basis (Subject to D11.1). Priority will be given in order of receipt of fully paid entries. Those ANWCC PCA

championship members must show their MSA competition licence.

• PCA - All drivers must produce valid club membership cards. A competition license is NOT required.

• PCA - Entries may be accepted from drivers of 14 and over at the date of the event, without a RTA

License, but they may only drive a touring car up to 2000cc (forced induction) AND the passenger must

hold a full RTA license and be a person experienced in Autotesting. If the driver holds a valid, nonprovisional

RTA License the passenger must be 12 years or over, be a club member, be at least 135cms in

height and must have signed on. (See General Rules regarding cabriolet/Sports Cars.)

• All PCA drivers are required to carry passengers in all Timed Tests. The Passenger must occupy the

seat alongside the Driver and wear a properly fastened and approved seat belt at all times during the test.

No other Passenger is allowed.

All drivers and passengers will marshal during the day.


The event will be a round of the ANWCC PCA Championship (34/2017) and the ANWCC All-rounder


6. PROGRAMME - The programme of the meeting will be:

Scrutineering will open at 9:30am

Signing on opens at 9:45 Any competitor not signed on by 10:30 may be excluded.

First test starts at 10:30 Approx. The event is scheduled to finish at approx. 15:30.


All cars must comply with the Road Traffic Act and the relevant MSA Technical Regulations and be driven to

the event. Cars should be currently registered. Proof of tax, insurance and MOT certificate (or vehicle

registration document for cars under 3 years old) must be available at scrutineering. All cars should be

driven to the event – see note below regarding Stage rally cars.

ALL Cars must compete on road legal tyres. Gravel tyres are acceptable.

PCA-Stage rally prepared cars need not be taxed, insured or driven to the event but must present an MSA

logbook AND valid MOT certificate.

Maximum noise permitted from any competing vehicle is 96dB and will be checked during scrutineering.

8. The Clubmans Production Car Autotest event will consist of the following classes

A Production Saloon and Sports Cars (Hood up only) up to 1400 cc.

B Production Saloon and Sports Cars (Hood up only) over 1400 cc. to a maximum of 2500cc

C Road and Stage cars and cars with no seats or trim and not driven to the event. Maximum 2500cc

Turbo charged petrol cars subject to 1.7 multiplier. Diesel cars no multiplier.

Classes A and B must drive to the event.


For the all events :

• Fastest Time overall (FTO).

• 1st in each class, subject to a minimum of 3 starters

• 2nd in each class, subject to a minimum of 6 starters.

• 3rd in each class, subject to a minimum of 9 starters.

Warrington DMC PCA Events – 30th April, 21st May, 2017.


The entry list opens on publication of these SRs. Entries will be accepted in order of receipt. The entry fee

per competitor is £40. All entries must be made on the official entry form and accompanied by the

appropriate fee.

Clubmans event entry closes on Monday the prior to each event.

Late entries can only be accepted for the Clubman event if the event is not already full. Late entries may be

accepted up to the day before the event starts.

Due to time constraints, entries will not be accepted on the day.

11. The maximum entry for the meeting including reserves is 45, the minimum is 21.


Clerk of Course – Alan Smith Deputy Clerk of Course Steve Prince

Secretary of the Meeting - George Jennings

Entries Secretary of the Meeting – Tracey Smith

5 Grafton Gardens, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 2TY. Tel : 07768 904914



Club Steward: TBC for each event

Chief Timekeeper TBC for each event

Chief Marshal: Steve Price

Scrutineer: TBC for each event


Time taken completing the course Actual time taken

Striking a cone or barrier or any other course marker 5 seconds per offence

Failure to stop astride the stop line 5 seconds

Taking an incorrect route on any course (Wrong Test)* Maximum Time

Completing a test in a time exceeding the maximum Maximum Time

Maximum time PCA. Quickest time in class for that course, plus

40 seconds

If a driver returns to the point of their mistake, and then completes the test correctly, a wrong test does not



• PCA-cabriolet/Sports Cars will compete with the hood erected or a hardtop fitted.

• Test diagrams will be provided to competitors at signing on. All competitors will have an

opportunity to walk each test layout before timed runs start for that course.

• Each driver will have two or more runs at each layout. The number of predicted runs will be

announced at the drivers briefing; runs are dependent on weather conditions and delays on the day.

• PCA - the run with the slowest time, including penalties, will be discarded in calculating the results.

• Competitors will start in their own time upon clearance from the timekeeper. Timing will start when

the front wheels cross the timing line. Timing will stop when the front wheels cross the flying finish line. The

car must stop astride the stop line if further penalty is not to be incurred.

Warrington DMC PCA Events – 30th April, 21st May, 2017.

• A Stop Signal will be displayed if there is an obstruction on the course. A competitor must stop

immediately on deployment of the signal and a re-run allowed. The Stop signal will be displayed at the

drivers briefing

• In the event of a tie the fastest run of the first course will determine the tie, and then the fastest on

the second course, etc until the tie is resolved. To be classified as a finisher, competitors must start at least

one run at all courses or as per MSA General Regulations.

• The competitor will observe all instructions from the marshals and / or officials.

• The first £425 of any insurance claim will be the responsibility of the driver who caused the damage.


Competitors will be identified by numbers provided by the organisers, which should be clearly displayed in

the driver’s side rear window or nearest equivalent.


The MSA General Regulations apply as written except for the following amendments:-

• M2 Judges of Fact: All officials, and competitors while acting as marshals, will be judges of fact for

the purposes stated in M2.2

• M11.3 A vehicle may be entered twice or more, to be driven by different drivers.

• Table M.7 Timing will be by hand held stop watches to the previous tenth of a second. Penalties shall

be as SR14 above.

• M6.6 Markers may be less than 1 metre in height.

• FUEL: It is recommended to fuel your vehicle to complete the tests before coming to the event as

there is no fuel on site or nearby the venue. You are permitted to leave and enter the venue when

appropriate to obtain fuel if required.

• CATERING: Currently, there are no catering facilities on site so it is recommended that you bring

provisions for yourself if required. No open fires are allowed.


Provisional results will be on display throughout the event and as soon as possible at the end of the event

at which point any protest must be lodged in the correct manner, in accordance with C5, within 30 minutes.

Otherwise results will become final and the awards presented.

Results will be sent out by e-mail as soon as possible after the event and placed on www.anwcc.org web

site. If you wish to receive copies of results by post, please include a stamped addressed envelope with your


19. PAPERWORK: If you need to contact any officials please do so before 9 pm.

All details of tests will be available at Signing on. If you need assistance in finding the venue contact one of

the Officials. Final instructions will be issued during the week leading up to the event.

20. USE OF MOBILE PHONES - For the purposes of the safe running of the event the use of mobile phones

by competitors in the test area, whilst queuing before the start of a test or returning to the paddock area. is

prohibited. Any competitor found to be in breach of this regulation may be excluded from the event.

21. INSURANCE EXCESS - In the event of a claim having to be made for damage caused to third party

property by any Competitor, the Organisers of the event will pass on the insurance excess under the MSA

Master Policies (currently £425 per incident) to the competitor(s) involved.

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